You don’t necessarily need to post a lot to get a lot of followers, but you are encouraged to engage and interact. To effortlessly catapult your reach, the best practices to get the most out of Sticky Likes are as follows:

  • Have AT LEAST 10 POSTS on your PUBLIC profile
  • Post quality content daily
  • Provide value
  • Post as much as you’d like
  • Showcase your expertise in your niche 
  • Don’t spam biz-ops, focus on branding YOU
  • Do not get distracted from your goals
  • On Standard plans, engage, comment, and like others’ content
Thank you for helping us prove that the collective power of human authenticity outperforms, outsmarts, outcompetes, spanks, and humiliates the competition—without the use of bots or scripts. Together with our tribe, you’ll gain exposure, branding, and social clout.

Those who engage a minimum of fifteen minutes per day by liking, commenting, and following others will usually gain more engagement which can lead to more followers and likes.